Crossing 10km|6.2 miles Underground, XZ2600E Horizontal Directional Drill Laying Natural Gas Pipelines!

XCMG XZ2600E horizontal directional drill makes an appearance in Kunshan, facilitating the natural gas pipeline construction project. The project has a total construction length of approximately 10km|6.2miles, with a 600mm|23.62-in steel pipe being laid, and individual construction lengths of over 600m|1,968ft.

During the long-distance drilling process, the project involves traversing cross complex geological conditions such as fishponds, highways, and forests. The upgraded XZ2600E Horizontal Directional Drill from XCMG features enhanced intelligence and power output, completing the over 440m|1,444ft project in just 40 hours. The entire project is expected to be completed in three months.

The XZ2600E Horizontal Directional Drill is a newly developed intelligent drill by XCMG, tailored to meet the needs of customers. It boasts a maximum pullback force of up to 2600KN|584,487 pounds-force and a maximum rotary torque of 92KN.m|67,978 foot-pounds, making it suitable for long-distance and complex terrain crossings, meeting the market demand for 800-1000mm|31.5-39.4in large pipes and rock geological construction in the 200-ton class.


Building upon XCMG’s technological advantages, the XZ2600E Horizontal Directional Drill has made innovative improvements in terms of construction safety, efficiency, energy-saving, and intelligence, with several highlights:

- One-Key Control for Intelligent Safety:

The XZ2600E Horizontal Directional Drill incorporates significant advancements in intelligent manufacturing. With one-key operation for semi-automatic loading and unloading of drill rods, the construction process is simplified. The rotary head features a three-level non-destructive anti-collision technology, effectively preventing collision between equipment components. Overload protection and digital pressure adjustment technology allow precise presetting of drill rig torque, push-pull force, and clamping force, thereby extending the equipment’s service life.

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- Adaptive to Various Working Conditions for Energy Efficiency and High Efficiency:

The XZ2600E utilizes a dual-power system that automatically adjusts to different working conditions. For small-diameter construction, it operates with a single engine, reducing fuel consumption and ensuring cost-effectiveness. The rotary head incorporates multi-stage variable speed rotation for reliable construction, significantly improving work efficiency. It also automatically detects parameters such as torque and rotational speed, enabling real-time comparison to ensure the engine operates in the most economical and safe range, thereby reducing project costs.

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- Dual-Person Cabin for Comfort and User-Friendliness:

The drill features a luxurious and quiet dual-person cabin with an expansive operating view. Multiple operators can collaborate during the guiding stage, enhancing work efficiency. The large LCD screen displays real-time monitoring of key construction parameters such as torque and push-pull force, ensuring construction safety and reliability. The drill is equipped with sensitive electronic sensing technology that can promptly detect and automatically adjust to momentary overload, providing protection for the drill rig.

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In conclusion, the XCMG XZ2600E Horizontal Directional Drill, with its intelligent features, robust power output, and innovative enhancements in safety, efficiency, energy-saving, and intelligence, is poised to contribute significantly to the Kunshan natural gas pipeline construction project, enabling efficient and reliable drilling operations in complex geological conditions.


Post time:Jun-02-2023