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Hydraulic DTH Rotary Hammer

Application FES’s new Hydraulic DTH Rotary Hammer is a ground-breaking solution to drill hard rocks in large-diameter shafts.

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FES’s Hydraulic DTH Rotary Hammer is an innovative hydraulic down-the-hole digging hammer, which can be easily hooked up to a rotary drill rig, and produce combined functions of hammering and rotary drilling. It is designed to drill hard rock with high efficiency and low energy consumption, cutting the overall operation cost by at least 50% in comparison with conventional DTH hammers.

Environment-friendly, fast penetration rates, and high drilling efficiency, this monster DHT rotary hammer is able to drill holes from 39" to 59" (1000mm to 1500mm) in diameter.

Recorded penetration rate:

10 centimeters (4 inches) per minute in 90MPa hard limestone

5 centimeters (2 inches) per minute in 210Mpa fine-grained granite


The highlighted features of this revolutionary solution are as below:

(1) Compact and fuel-saving, only require one separate power pack as power source, thus cutting fuel consumption by up to 75 percent

(2) Increased penetration rate and high drilling efficiency on all types of hard rock, with its special designed high-speed-vibratory drilling bucket (or core barrel)

(3) Easy operation to discharge soil and rock activating slight vibration function of the hammer

(4) Low maintenance and long service life with high-quality materials and innovative design

(5) Low construction noise by cutting rings on rock formation which strikes a much smaller area

(6) No dust generated during operation, the broken rocks will be kept inside the bucket of the rotary hammer to be emptied onto the ground  

Specification of Hydraulic DTH Rotary Hammer


Metric Units

US Units

Drilling diameter

Ф1 m-Ф1.5 m


Drilling depth

45 m


Centrifugal force of hydraulic vibrating hammer

100 t


Dimension of pump station

3580 mm×1700 mm×1874 mm


Pump station weight

9.5 t


Pumping station engine power

230 KW


The total weight of equipment (tubing pulley rack, drill rod, vibrating hammer, Ф1 m special designed core barrel)

19 t


The range of applicable rock hardness

50 MPa-280 MPa


 Jobsite Applications

DTH hammer, Rotary drilling, DTH drilling, jobsite (2)
DTH hammer, Rotary drilling, DTH drilling, jobsite

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