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Low Headroom XRU313 Rotary Drilling Rig

Applications: The low headroom XRU313 rotary drill rig is used in the foundation industry.

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The revolutionary solution provides low headroom advantages over regular hydraulic drill rigs, with highlighted features as below:
(1)Transportation with the kelly bar, height: 3620mm, weight: 37ton
(2) 2.5m transportation width
(3) High engine power
(4) Max drilling depth: 36.5m
(5) With low headroom convertible to the regular mast


The XRU313 rotary drill rig is developed by FES and XCMG together based on client’s preference in construction. Unlike other existing major rotary drill rigs in the market, XRU313 is the tailored type with low headroom convertible to the regular mast.

Specification of Low Headroom XRU313 Rotary Drill Rig





Lower Headroom

Regular Mast

Engine Power

214hp/ 160kW (Volvo TAD570-72VE)


94,000Lbf-ft/ 130kN.m

Max. drilling dia. along mast

67in/ 1,700mm

Max. drilling dia. under mast

118in/ 3,000mm

Max. lifting force of Main winch

45,000lbf/ 200kN

Max. lifting force of Aux winch

22,500lbf/ 100kN

Max. drilling depth

42.5ft / 13m

120ft / 36.5m

Operating Weight

77,200Lb/ 35T

81,600Lb/ 37T

Transport Size





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